Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ordinary people support Cruz while Country Club Republicans back Rubio

The recent FEC filings are really interesting.  While the absolute number raised is clearly interesting, I think the composition of the donations is too.  Are most of the donations coming from regular folks who usually can't give over $200 to a candidate or are they coming from the rich that give $2000 and up?  Doing this analysis you can see who is supported by the grassroots and who is supported by the establishment and country club Republicans.  Take a look:

As you can see, Ted Cruz gets 60% of his huge haul from donations under $200.  Rubio, on the other hand, only gets 27%, with the majority of his money coming from donations over $2,000.  While his numbers are not as lopsided as those for Bush, Kasich or Christie, they still confirm that there just isn't that much grassroots for him.  Think about it, Cruz has raised 4 times the amount of money that Rubio has from small donors.

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