Monday, December 14, 2015

Anti-Cruz folks are trying to take him down by making him sound reasonable and electable?

Apparently, there are some audio recordings from Ted Cruz's fundraisers in which "Cruz strikes a more moderate and inclusive tone on social issues than he does when speaking to Iowa audiences." I'm sure he is quaking in my boots.  He should send out this YouTube clip in response:

I really don't know what they expect to gain from this.  First, who are Cruz supporters supposed to run to?  The only options are far worse than him with murkier conservative credentials.  Second, unless Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats rescind their endorsements, Cruz will have the most devoted caucus-goers behind him which means he probably still wins.  Third, making him sound reasonable and inclusive only makes him look better to independents, moderates and billionaire donors like Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson.  I'm sure the more conspiratorial will end up saying this was a "false flag" attack as this will probably help Cruz far more than it hurts.

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