Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Of course gay marriage isn't a top-3 issue

The Rubio/establishment folks are now trying to get Ted Cruz in trouble for not calling gay marriage a top-3 priority for him and that it should be left to the states.  They even have a quote from a "political operative" who clearly isn't that bright or is just so jaded he doesn't even know what we are fighting about:

"Wow. Does this not undermine all of his positions? Abortion, Common Core — all to the states? ... Worse, he sounds like a slick D.C. politician — says one thing on the campaign trail and trims his sails with NYC elites. Not supposed to be like that."
Give me a break.  Yes abortion should be decided by the states, that is what the whole battle of Roe v. Wade is about.  About letting people in Missouri have different abortion laws than in California instead of abortion being allowed nationally.  Same with Common Core.  It's about stopping the federal government from determining curriculum.

And gay marriage?  Please.  We have so many problems in this country why should the name for the relationship between two consenting adults be a priority for the President of the United States?  I really couldn't give a flying f*ck.  How about the lack of real jobs in this country?  Our ballooning debt?  Our loss of rights to bureaucrats?  Our borders letting terrorists in?  Our immigration officials letting terrorists in?  Baby boomers retiring causing a demographic nightmare?

This story will only help Cruz as it shows he has a f*cking brain.

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