Monday, January 25, 2016

Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz!

I've always liked Rick Perry, I never supported him for President because he was the sort of Republican I'd constantly have to make excuses for (unlike Ted Cruz).  But I am very happy that he has endorsed Ted Cruz and also had some very nice things to say about the Senator:

After Perry dropped out of the primary, Cruz's campaign immediately began courting his donors and supporters in Texas, while Cruz reached out to the former governor and asked to get together -- a gesture Perry says he appreciated given how little down time candidates get off the trail. When they met, Perry said, Cruz struck him as someone who deep down is likely “shy,” and “one of the best listeners I’ve ever dealt with in the political realm.” It was in stark contrast to more negative perceptions he had held about Cruz, driven by "media narrative" and "through the optics of a campaign."

“I really didn’t want to talk about policy, I didn’t want to talk politics, I didn’t want to talk philosophy,” he said of their meeting last month. “I wanted to talk about him, who he was, see if I could get a handle on Ted Cruz the man, not Cruz the caricature I’d seen through the political lens. What I found was a very different person than what I had been led to believe.”

Watch the endorsement below:

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