Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Establishment May be Abandoning Rubio

I remember not too long ago that people were saying that Rubio was a shoe-in for the moderate lane and he would eventually win the nomination because he would be able to garner both conservative and moderate/establishment support.  Well, that hasn't been happening and the establishment seems to be worried and are thinking the choice my come down to Trump vs. Cruz.  For example, Bob Dole has stopped taken Viagra for long enough to chime in and promote Trump over Cruz as the establishment.  So what happened with Rubio?  Well, he's turned out to be a lazy campaigner and his dazzline speaking abilities at the debates haven't been enough to wow people, possibly because of the fact that he keeps promoting W's foreign policy which everyone who is not a neocon is sick of.  And look at the latest CNN/WMUR Poll:

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul have all gained since the last poll was taken while Rubio has lost 4% putting him in a tie for fourth place with JEB.  If Rubio comes in behind JEB, it might be lights out for Rubio.  If he is supposed to be so great and electable how is it that he is losing to JEB in a moderate state?  I think the establishment types have become frustrated with the lazy Rubio and don't think he is ready for the big leagues.  Maybe in another 4-8 years but not now.  And surprisingly they are going for Trump, the least Republican guy in the field.  Let that sink in, they have a choice between a guy who represents Republican values to his core (Cruz) and a guy who really has no values and they choose the guy who has no values, because they think that is more electable.

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