Friday, November 13, 2015

Don't believe those claiming Cruz isn't that different than Rubio

There has been a bit of a rush by many folks to claim that Cruz isn't that far from Rubio on immigration.  They point to an amendment that he attempted get added to the Gang of 8 bill, which seems to insinuate that he was generally in favor of passing the bill.  Well, Right Scoop has the complete story and makes it pretty clear that Cruz was sponsoring amendments in order to expose the Gang of 8 bill for what it was, a sham.  While Rubio promised that border security was going to be an intregral part of the bill, what we got was a bill that started with legalization, followed by a commission to discuss border security and ending with a path to citizenship.  Cruz, on the other hand, told the truth about the bill:

Anyway, these attacks on Cruz are a great example of why it is typically difficult for a Senator to be elected President.  The Senate requires political maneuvering and that can always be twisted into something it is not.  For example, imagine if there were a Republican bill for privatizing social security and a Democratic bill.  If a Republican Senator votes against the Democratic bill because he prefers the Republican bill, his political opponents at some point will start the meme that somehow he is against privatizing social security, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyway, Cruz will survive this because his conservatism is just not in question and time and time again he has done what he has said he was going to do.  Rubio, on the other hand, lied, schemed and obfuscated during his attempt to get the Gang of 8 bill passed.

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