Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ted Cruz #3 in Latest PPP National Poll

Cruz seems to be having a nice post-debate surge.  He is now #3 in the latest PPP national poll.  And even long-time political analysts like Larry Sabato now consider him the second most plausible nominee (Marco Rubio is #1).  I hope he can continue this momentum and win Iowa because that really will be critical.  Anyway, here is some of the interesting data from the PPP poll:

As you can see, Ted Cruz is doing amazingly well with the "very conservative" getting almost a third of those.  The issue though is he only gets 1% of moderate voters, which is the same level as Jim Gilmore and Bobby Jindal and is less than what Huckabee is getting.  That is a problem both in the blue states withing the GOP nomination process and the general election.  Things are so bad that he seems to be hated by the moderates:

And finally, in a head to head race vs Rubio, he loses, mainly because he is viewed as less electable than Rubio.  I think if he can moderate his image (not his message), he can close that gap and just clean up as he has a huge lead among those who want someone who is conservative:

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