Monday, November 16, 2015

Further evidence Cruz is not pro-Amnesty

The Cruz amendment to the Gang of 8 bill, which the Rubio folks have been pointing to as proof of his support for amnesty, was meant as a poison pill to kill the legislation.  Otherwise would Jeff Sessions, one of the most anti-amnesty Senators out there have voted for it?  Here is Bloomberg with all the details:

But others who were monitoring the bill's progress at the time believe the senator was employing parliamentary jujitsu, adding a provision that would undermine support for the bill. The key evidence for that: Though Cruz's amendment failed, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and Utah Senator Mike Lee, two fierce Republican opponents of legalizing undocumented people, voted for it. Democrats, who controlled the Senate, had made a path to citizenship a non-negotiable component of reform.

In painting Cruz as a supporter of legal status for undocumented immigrants, "the Rubio campaign is spinning," said Mark Krikorian, an immigration activist who was working to scuttle the 2013 bill. "My sense is Cruz's amendment was clearly intended as a poison pill for the Democrats. It was a legislative tactic... You often introduce measures you hope will be poison pills if you're trying to kill a piece of legislation. Now, it didn't work in the end but it was a perfectly plausible attempt. I might've voted for it myself it I was in the Senate, to try and kill the bill."

Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Sessions, noted in an e-mail that "numerous conservatives offered amendments to the progressive Gang of Eight bill that were designed to improve enforcement or combat amnesty." He continued, "That does not mean these Senators supported the bill with those changes. That would be an extremely untenable interpretation."

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