Monday, November 9, 2015

I guess you are an opportunist for telling the truth

I have to admit, I do admire Karl Rove.  He's a really smart guy who does a great job using numbers to make arguments, which is huge upgrade to most talking heads who just do a lot of hand waving.  The problem is he is just too married to the Bush clan.  In a semi-hit piece in the Washington Post "A lot of people just don't like Ted Cruz, how come that is okay with him?" he is quoted as criticizing Cruz for turning against Bush political appointees, both of which turned out to be disasters for the cause of individual liberty:

Karl Rove, a former senior adviser to Bush, sees Cruz as someone who conveniently takes aim at former allies “for political purposes.”

Rove said on Fox News recently that Bush soured on Cruz even though the younger Texan got his start on Bush’s 2000 campaign. It happened in part because Cruz faulted Bush for appointing Roberts to the top spot on the Supreme Court — and criticized his father, George H.W. Bush, for appointing since-retired justice David Souter.

The ex-president “thought it was a little opportunistic,” Rove said.
It's opportunistic to say the truth?  To say that John Roberts and especially David Souter were pretty much horrible Supreme Court picks?  Is that even up for debate anymore unless your bread is buttered by the Bush family (well, buttered by their servants, they probably don't tend to butter much themselves). 

Anyway, I expect more criticisms to start coming out against Ted Cruz (especially from the Trump and Rubio folks) in the next several weeks as he has climbed in the polls and is gaining momentum in Iowa.  Unlike Rubio however, he seems like he is probably pretty clean (as clean as a politician can be I guess).  Some people are really dumpster diving to pin anything on him including saying that his education savings account initiative is a plot to give money to Goldman Sachs.  I guess we shouldn't have any education or health savings accounts at all because the money might actually have to be kept in a bank.

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