Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PPP Poll: Cruz #3 in South Carolina

In the latest PPP poll of South Carolina voters, 15% of respondents say they will vote for him, more than double his 6% outing in the last poll that organization conducted in early September, which is great news.  With Trump at 25% (down from 37% in the last PPP poll) and Carson at 21% (flat with the last poll), Cruz is getting really close to the lead.  In fact, he is leading among those who want to vote for the candidate who is the most conservative with 28% of that group.  However, he is #5 among those who want to vote for the most electable candidate with 8%.  He really needs to work on his electability image in order to win this thing.  I think if he can sound reasonable in debates and then wins Iowa, that will really help (winning Iowa will by definition prove he is a winner).

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